The James Cowan Collection

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Permanent Exhibit at The Parthenon
In 1927, 21 crates arrived in Nashville from an anonymous donor. Three years later, upon his death, James M. Cowan was revealed as the patron who had donated his paintings to our city. The Cowan Collection is an assemblage of 63 paintings to be housed in the Parthenon. His selection of works emphasizes the landscape and seascape. The technical styles vary from the smooth almost non-brushstroke of the Neo-Classic, to the impasto and laded brush work of Impressionism. Read More

Kidsville at The Parthenon

Saturday, March 25 form 11:00 am - 11:45 am
Come hear and explore the Greek Myths of the beginning of spring; Create a nature collage together.

Parthenon Symposium: Nemea and the Panhellenic Sanctuary of Zues

Thursday, March 30 starting at 6 pm.
Although almost everyone in the world is aware that today's Olympic Games have their origin in the quadrennial games of Olympia, Greece, many people do not know that other sanctuaries in ancient Greece also hosted games. Nemea is one such site Dr. Kim Shelton's lecture will touch upon. Reservations required!