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Become A Parthenon Docent


Come join the Docent Training Class and give of your new knowledge to the thousands of visitors who come to the Parthenon every year. Leading group tours and talking with individual visitors is a rewarding way to share your love of art and history with students, children, and adults.

The Parthenon's next Docent Training Class beings Saturday, September 23, and is looking for people who are interested in learning more about ancient Greece, Nashville history, and American art and in sharing that knowledge with others. Classes are taught by museum staff and local scholars.

Parthenon docents, who range in age from 17 to 70, give tours to school groups and individuals, answer questions, give directions, and act as ambassadors for Nashville and the Parthenon.

For additional information, call 615-862-8431 or e-mail

September 23 1. Welcome & introduction to the docent program,
Backstage inside tour of the building and introduction of staff (Wesley Paine)
2. Introductory tour of the building, its architectural and sculptural elements,
including a tour of the exterior of the building (Wesley Paine)

September 30 1-2. Greek Sanctuaries and Architecture (Helen Sanders)

October 7 1-2. The Athenian Acropolis and the Parthenon
Brief overview of Acropolis & in-depth discussion of the Parthenon: history,
architectural refinements, sculptural elements (pediments, metopes, narrative
frieze, Athena) (Wesley Paine)

October 14 1. Tennessee Centennial Exposition of 1897 (Wesley Paine)
2. The post-Centennial Parthenon (Wesley Paine)

October 21 1. James M. Cowan, Collector
2. Curator’s tour of the Cowan Collection (Susan Shockley)

October 28 1-2. Looking at art and the Cowan Collection (Helen Sanders)

November 4 1. Greek mythology (Wesley Paine)
2. The Making of Athena (film)

November 11 1-2. Graduation (brunch and presentations) plus: How to be a Docent: Tour suggestions & tips, best route, schedule, calendar, expectations. Extended Q & A

Docents will prepare a short paper for presentation at graduation and are expected to join The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park.