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News Channel 5 Covers The Mars Molecule Project

"Three new sculptures that look like they arrived from space have been placed in Centennial Park and next to Pinewood Social, but they appeared rather mysteriously." Check out News Channel 5's in depth reporting on The Mars Molecule Project, the new public art instillation in Centennial Park. View the full story here, and watch the video below.


Kidsville At The Parthenon Kicks Off The New Year

Kidsville at the Parthenon, a program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park, will kick off the new year with two free events in January and February. In March, the popular children's educational series will expand its programming, moving from monthly to weekly in the Parthenon.

"Kidsville at the Parthenon has been a phenomenal success," said Conservancy President Sylvia Rapoport. "It is fabulous to see families from across Nashville coming together in our city's most iconic landmark to learn through storytelling and crafts."

On January 9, Kidsville at the Parthenon will celebrate Centennial Park's new art installation "The Mars Molecule Project" with a reading and learning workshop. Storytime will feature "The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg," one of Aesop's famous Greek Fables. Participants will also explore mathematical concepts related to the Parthenon and the Mars Molecule exhibit while creating their own designs.

On February 13, the exploration of fairy tales and fables will continue through the art of Katherine Ace, whose exhibit will be featured in the Parthenon's East Gallery. Children will experience a Valentine's Day story and create their own fairy tale-themed Valentine's Day cards.

Kidsville at the Parthenon currently takes place on the second Saturday of the month from 11 - 11:45 AM. The program will expand to weekly on March 5. Parthenon admission is free for Kidsville attendees.


Landing The Molecules...


Two public art sculptures from "The Mars Molecule Project," created by San Francisco-based artist Mario Martinez, have been installed in the Cockrill Spring area of Centennial Park. The pieces were recently exhibited at Burning Man and Art Basel. Now, because of the generosity of a local arts patron, Nashville will enjoy the sculptures for six months. The pieces are 9 feet in diameter, weigh 5,000 pounds and are made of bronze. They were first designed using 3D printing, then transformed into sculpture using "lost wax" technique, a method pre-dating the Bronze Age. They are modern and ancient and reminiscent of molecules.

People are encouraged to post photos of the art tagging the Instagram handle @marsmoleculesnashville, and using the hashtag #marsmoleculesnashville on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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Nfocus Magazine Covers The Conservancy Gala

Nfocus gala

Head to to read an excellent recap of this year's Conservancy Gala penned by Abby White, and relive the evening with photos from Michael W. Bunch.

White writes, "Centennial Park may very well be the only place in Nashville this year that's hosted music festivals, a black-tie gala, craft fairs, art exhibits, educational programs and a Rolling Stone (that would be Mick Jagger, whose peaceful day at the park this summer set the social media channels ablaze). For this year's highly anticipated Conservancy Gala, we knew we were in for an intriguing evening, apropos to this year's theme Designs to Intrigue. Also ablaze was the tented red-carpet entry, where guests entered the Parthenon to an array of sensory delights, from strolling sketch artists to stunning dancers and delightful food and drinks, all to raise funds to ensure that Centennial Park and the Parthenon will be enjoyed for generations to come."

Read the full article here.