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This Season's Exhibit: Etruscan Echoes by Tanya Tewall

Etruscan Echoes

The Parthenon continues to explore contemporary interpretations of classical themes with an exhibition of paintings by artist, Tanya Tewell. A professor of Art at Middle Tennessee State University, Tewell divides her time between Tennessee and Tuscania, Italy. While abroad, the artist has visited Etruscan tombs and ancient sites, which have become the inspiration for her new work. Tewell found herself strongly attracted to the degrading patina of the frescos that decorate the tombs at these sites, and her work evokes the tones and textures of these aged wall paintings. She had also had a long-time interest in cultural mythology and her paintings are greatly influenced by dream images and magic realism.

Through her intense and evocative paintings, Tewell presents the story of the many unnamed Etruscan characters that haunt the tombs; the sorceress, the matriarch, the wounded pilgrim, and more. Through their stories, Tewell attempts to relate humanity's endless struggle with the cycle of life, change, spirituality, magic, and death.

Now Showing at The Parthenon through June 1, 2013