A Season of Change


From The Conservancy... to Centennial Park Conservancy

In May 2019, The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park changed its organization name to Centennial Park Conservancy. Our former name, by its length and syntax, was a challenge to recall, to state, and to write. It also resulted in an abbreviation in many cases to "The Conservancy" compromising our name recognition and brand awareness, even often making people mistake us for The Nature Conservancy.

As we consider the organization’s goals of growing supporters and engaging the wider community around Nashville's central park, the new name emphasizes Centennial Park as a whole, as opposed to focusing on The Conservancy, hence reflecting the organization’s central focus and service to our city: Providing free access to a wide range of arts programming in and around the Park and protecting/promoting Nashville’s most central public urban green space.

People care about Centennial Park and all it comprises, including but not exclusive to its signature landmark Parthenon. The organization’s tremendous growth over the past several years has reflected public engagement with the Park, especially through its program offerings like Musicians Corner and Kidsville. The Park plays a dynamic role in the lives of Nashville’s residents and visitors, and the organization’s focus to continue building value around a ‘holistic’ Centennial Park experience.

In partnership with Metro Parks, our mission to preserve, enhance, and share the Parthenon and Centennial Park continues—we’re excited for new beginnings and thankful for YOU, our many members and supporters. It is only through your generosity that together we are able to serve our community and make a positive impact on our city.