2011 Gala - Designs In Water

Designs in Water was certainly a night to remember! We are indebted to Gala Chairs and mother-daughter team Ellen Martin and Phyllis Fridrich, and Honorary Chair Clare Armistead, for creating a unique evening that resulted in financial support for Centennial Park and the Parthenon. Performance art, surprise and movement, hallmarks of our Gala, rose to great heights with Designs in Water. Our signature fundraiser was full of sizzle and substance. It was stylish, conceptual, unpredictable, a pleasure for the senses and just plain fun.

The majestic Parthenon’s exterior was lit with images of schools of fish darting across the columns. Once inside the Parthenon, there were crystal-clear, tear-drop glass beads with guests' names and table numbers etched on each little glass bead. Donal Hinely, an internationally acclaimed musician who resides in Nashville, performed on the glass harmonica – glasses of different shapes and sizes with varying levels of water. In the main section of the Parthenon, the Naos, guests flowed by a shimmery blue fabric that mimicked the motion of waves. There, a video of water scenes played on the screen covering Athena. And, not to leave out more water-inspired splendor, the fluid Paul Vasterling-choreographed performance by the Nashville Ballet's dancers provided another experience for guests to enjoy. One last spectacle followed. The world-renowned Brian Hull premiered his “Atlantis” performance art where aquatic creatures floated through the dinner tent, providing guests with a compelling “wow” as this night with the sea ended.