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2015 Gala - Designs To Intrigue

Beginning with the First Glimpse Party to the Patrons Reception to the Gala, momentum built for this year's Conservancy black-tie benefit for Centennial Park and the Parthenon. Chaired by brilliant impresarios Karen Elson, Neil Krugman and Mike Whitler, November 7th at the Parthenon was a unique evening with breathtaking moments. Karen, Neil and Mike delivered on their promise of an evening that was stylish, conceptual, unpredictable and fun. From pop ups of dancers performing the Paso Doble in full costume, to School of Rock students singing old Neil Young tunes, to the amazingly talented Karen Elson belting out "Tennessee Waltz" and haunting us with "Dead Flowers," the moments and the guests were captured by strolling artist Gerri Findley throughout the evening. As magnificently as this year's Gala delivered, the best part was raising funds to support the ambitious Centennial Park restoration and award-winning programming at the Parthenon. Huge gratitude to the Gala Chairs and to our wonderful Honorary Chairs, Clare Armistead and Hope Stringer. Most important of all, we thank YOU, our generous Gala supporters - Bravo!

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