Deconstructing Cowan Exhibit - Through January 12

Opening Saturday, September 22, is the group exhibition, Deconstructing Cowan in which a local contemporary artist reinterprets a painting from the Parthenon’s James M. Cowan Collection of American Art. Artists re-contextualized individual works from the Cowan Collection – striving to “make it new.” Much like the Impressionists represented in the original collection, the Deconstructing artists created visual interpretations of their current moment. But unlike much of the collection, they also comment on contemporary concerns, including race relations, environmental sustainability, bodily autonomy, and immigration.

Deconstructing Cowan artists include:

  • Ashley Doggett, painting (Venus and Cupid, c.1765 by Benjamin West)
  • Marlos E’van, video (The May Party by Jerome Myers)
  • Morgan Higby-Flowers, video (The Wreck, 1852 by Frederic Edwin Church)
  • Kem Hinton, sculpture (Still Life by Emil Carlsen)
  • Courtney Adair Johnson, assemblage (Greensward, Durham, 1866 by George Inness
  • Kit Kite, photography (The New Dress, 1874 by Edwin Blashfield)
  • Joseph Patrick, photography (Rose of Shiraz, c.1919 by Hovsep Pushman)