As part of the Centennial Park Revitalization, our park is now home to several bee hives. The hives, which are located on Lake Watauga’s island, tucked away from park visitors, are thriving. They are key to pollinating existing plants, as well as new trees and shrubs being planted throughout the revitalization.

Local experts, Nashville Area Beekeepers Association, are maintaining the hives for us and we expect to bottle and sell the honey in summer 2019. In the meantime, our friends at Williams Honey Farm, are providing us with honey from their local farm, so we can introduce this initial version of Centennial Park Honey in the Parthenon gift shop in spring 2018.

Look out for a Honey Bee Dinner which is in the process of being planned and will take place at the Parthenon.


One of the fine folks at Nashville Area Beekeepers Association caring for our Centennial Park bees.

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