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CENTENNIAL PARK IS A NASHVILLE TREASURE - Nashville’s central park and point of pride for generations. An urban park is a fragile thing. And throughout the decades, ours has sometimes been in jeopardy: its iconic Parthenon slated for demolition; its trees felled by tornadoes; its ecosystem damaged by surrounding construction. Each time, Nashvillians have rallied to protect Centennial Park – and make it better.

NOW IT'S OUR TURN TO CARE FOR THE PARK - Nashville is growing like never before. So are the numbers of people flocking to Centennial Park – an estimated 2 million a year and climbing. Neglect could be the latest threat to its wellbeing. This is our opportunity to transform the park into the pulsating heart of our collective home. An unprecedented revitalization of Centennial Park is currently underway. It is as ambitious and multi-faceted as Nashville itself. It needs your support today to become reality.

JOIN US IN THIS IMPORTANT REVITALIZATION - In partnership with Metro Parks, Centennial Park Conservancy is preserving the iconic green space of our city’s central park that champions arts, music, history, education, and health and wellness. This transformation can only take place through the generosity of the Nashville community, and we hope that you will consider being part of this important revitalization campaign.


The Centennial Park Master Plan was developed in 2010 in collaboration with Mayor Karl Dean, Metro Parks, and Centennial Park Conservancy to restore, renovate, and revitalize Nashville's Central Park.

The Cockrill Spring Phase, completed in 2015, was a $9 million public/private partnership that improved the water quality of Lake Watauga, unearthed long-buried Cockrill Spring, built a dedicated space for Musicians Corner, and created a new parking area surrounding the Parthenon.

The Great Lawn Phase, which broke ground in summer 2019 and will be completed in 2020, focuses on the 19-acre zone that includes the Great Lawn, the West End entrance road, lighting and landscape improvements near the Parthenon. The Great Lawn will be re-engineered with sports field-quality turf and drainage improvements to help the lawn’s recovery after events. Two pedestrian promenades shaded by double rows of trees will border both sides of the lawn. The redesigned West End entrance will allocate more space to pedestrians, new entry signage, and new planting beds that showcase seasonal color. Additionally, the Parthenon will be illuminated with a new LED lighting system. The lighting is designed to celebrate the iconic structure’s classical architectural features and sculptural details.

The Event Pavilion Phase will revitalize the Park Plaza section of the park - our connection to North Nashville. The highlight of this phase is the building of a world class events pavilion where the Nashville community can gather for various types of events. The event pavilion will bring our community together by serving as a destination for ongoing local events, including nonprofit fundraisers, music performances, festivals, educational children's events, lectures, and the park's popular Big Band Dances. This phase is currently in design development, and we are actively fundraising to support it.

In the 21st century, Centennial Park belongs to all Nashvillians. Designed in the 19th century to provide a narrow range of services to a narrow range of visitors, it is now a unifying example of Nashville’s ability to preserve the past and evolve into the future. Centennial Park allows Nashvillians to remember where we have been, dream of where we might be going, and savor where we are. Centennial Park Conservancy is dedicated to continue working with our community and Metro Parks to revitalize our city's central park.


Centennial Park Conservancy created the Centennial Park Capital Campaign to bring the Nashville community together in supporting our ambitious initiative to preserve, enhance and sustain our people's park for future generations.

Donations made to this campaign will be restricted to underwriting the Centennial Park Revitalization


The Centennial Park Revitalization would not be possible without the generous support of the following individuals, foundations, and corporate donors who have helped us raise private funds to match the city's financial commitment. Special thanks to our neighbors at HCA Healthcare who made a $5M leadership gift during Phase Two of the Capital Campaign.


Advance Financial

American Paper & Twine

BasePoint Capital

Dean & Sandy Chase

  • Patrick Conroy

Phillip Bredesen & Andrea Conte

Nancy Brown & Andy May

WL Lyons Brown Foundation

  • The Brown Family - MSB Cockayne Fund

Melinda & John Buntin

Varina & Jeffrey Buntin

Andrew & Marianne Byrd

Jeffrey Carson

Core Civic

Beth & Richard Courtney

John & Josephine Darwin

Beth Fortune & Debbie Turner

HCA Healthcare

  • Nancy Peterson Hearn

Douglas, Alex & Peggy Joyce

  • Aubrey & Carlana Joyce

Demetria Kalodimos & Verlon Thompson

Judy Keener

Louise & Neil Kohler

Randy & Janice LaGasse

  • Neil Krugman & Lee Pratt

Christopher & Coco Kyriopoulos

Trish & John Lindler

Ellen Harrison Martin

Brooks & Bert Mathews

Patricia & Reavis Mitchell

  • Trish & Jim Munro
  • Nashville Electric Service

Libby & Ben Page

Wesley Paine

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Justin & Valerie Potter Foundation

Sandra Schatten Foundation

Lisa & Michael Shmerling

  • Divya Shroff & Matthew Hargis


  • Jimmy & Beverly Small

Shirley & Stuart Speyer

Hope Stringer


Candace Toler & Robert Day

Barbara Tsakirgis & Jeremy Spinrad

The James Stephen Turner Foundation

Paula Van Slyke & LeRoy Norton

James & Carole Williams

  • Anne Potter Wilson Foundation - Will Wilson, Blair Jackson Wilson