Speakers Bureau



Looking for an interesting program for your next meeting? The Parthenon Speakers Bureau is an outreach effort of the Centennial Park Conservancy to educate area groups about the treasures we have in Nashville. The Parthenon and Centennial Park are iconic Nashville landmarks that represent our city’s rich history and stand as a point of pride for our residents. Yet many visitors and locals are unaware of their significance. The Conservancy’s Speakers Bureau seeks to address this by presenting programs to introduce area groups about the treasures we have in Nashville.

We hope you will consider inviting a Parthenon Speakers Bureau volunteer to present one of our programs. The programs are:

• The Way We Were: The Tennessee Centennial Exposition: This presentation offers a fascinating look at life in Nashville in 1897. Find out why Nashville was called “The Athens of the South” and why the city chose the Parthenon to showcase the art exhibit at the Centennial celebration.

• The Cowan Collection: Nashville’s Best Kept Secret: After attending the Centennial Exposition in 1897, James Cowan donated 63 paintings by American artist to the Parthenon. You will learn the history of this important donation and some of the most significant paintings on exhibit.

• The Parthenon & Centennial Park: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow: Learn more about this historic building and plans for the future of Centennial Park. Find out what is happening today that might surprise you and learn more about what we have to look forward to as the master plan for Centennial Park takes shape.

• Greek Art & Architecture: The Bronze Age to the Roman Empire: The Bronze Age to the Roman Empire: Learn how and why the Greeks developed the magnificent art and architectural styles that still influence us today, as we explore sculptures, vases, and ruins.

• Mythology of the Parthenon: From Aphrodite to Zeus: The program highlights Greek gods, goddesses, and mythological creatures in the Parthenon, from ancient times to modern depictions.

For organizations with annual budgets under $1,000,000 we request a minimum $50 donation, and for groups with annual budgets over $1,000,000 we require a $100 donation. These donations help continue this vital program that benefits our community, and also enables us to champion fine art through the Parthenon museum, invest in emerging musicians through our Musicians Corner program, and promote education through Kidsville.

If you are interested in learning more about having a Speakers Bureau presentation, please contact noelle@conservancyonline.com.